Friday, June 13, 2008

I am ALIVE & Living in Peace

Today was an affirmation as to why I love to Mountain Bike. I spent the night in Morro Bay for my cousins daughters graduation. Prior to heading down to the area I hinted that a mountain bike ride would be great. My cousin is an avid cyclist, has 4 amazing bikes and a true passion for 2 wheels. Couple that with the fact we have never rode together and I have yet to tackle any of terrain in his neck of the woods and the stars were aligning.

So after a nice breakfast, which I rarely do being a Warrior Diet guy, we hit the mountains. Now, I only had my pants so I had to borrow everything, bike, gloves, helmet, jersey, water bottle. Keep in mind my cousin is about 6'0 tall which means his bike is a bit big for me and add to that the fact that it has 7 inch travel, is a total awesome downhill bike and weighs 40 lbs and I do not have my riding shoes, so no clipping in and the adventure begins. See, my bike is about 28 lbs, is a cross country bike with 3 inch travel, no rear shock and sits A LOT different. Note that I am not in the kinda mountain biking shape of my cousin either.

All things being equal I relished the epic terrain, flowing turns, interval style climbs, the ease at which the bike road the bumps, ruts, rocks, turns and my cousins great personality and stories and it brings the whole experience full circle. For me riding is about nothing more than the peace and meditative feel I get from being in the mountains pushing myself through the mental and physical challenges all the while enjoying the sounds, sights, scenery and in this case the company in a new area further exploring myself, the world around me, and everything in between.

What an experience and this is the real reason behind my motivation to move my body, it is another worldly experience. It is not about being the best, holding records, having a six pack (although that is a bonus :-)), it is about the whole process from the inside, out. Today was no exception and more of a reminder of the joy behind movement, all movement whether mountain bikes, squats, kettlebells, yoga, you name it. I love to move because it is a part of my soul, my spirit.

I may not have a specific schedule or program and I am not training for an event, but I am training for my EVERYDAY health and well-being because I love it, I enjoy it and I have a darn good time doing it. What can I say, I love being a kid, constantly exploring, discovering, adventuring and enjoying the abiliity to be me at all times. This is my story, no one else's and I am not certain it is for anyone else but it is for me. I train for Life and I am ALIVE and LIVING!

YEAH WHOOOOOO! Hope you enjoy!

Live in Peace


Todd Gilchrist said...

You certainly are not taking life for granted.

Carpe Diem bro!

Carl Sipes said...

Joey, you are truly a great writer and story teller. Keep up the outstanding blog and keep L-I-V-I-N! Awesome Bro.

Joe Sarti said...

thank you Gents, those are inspiring words to live by, I appreciate your comments and contributions. Peace my brothers.

Jordan Vezina said...

People at Equinox always used to ask what I was training my clients for with them swinging kettlebells and dragging me around the gym on a blanket. One word answer: Life.