Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Ego

Guilty as charged, I have an ego and it has been a thorn in my side for 33 years +. As my level of consciousness has risen and I have awaken in life I have began to fully understand what ego is, what it means, what it does, how it thrives and how to overcome the ego. This has been a long and quite difficult process but it is a journey I am taking with humility, compassion, gratitude, love, peace, and humble sense of being.

Through conversations, books, and reflection I have began to understand my relationship to my ego. For much of my life I realized how I identify and speak from my ego. Also, I realize how this conflicts with my intuition and heart which are always leading me down a different path. Furthermore, I realize how often my ego was the path I chose, my thoughts, my minds route rather than my 'truth'.

Today, as I consciously awaken and gain wisdom I am better than ever at identify which part of my being is speaking and which path I chose to follow. I am perfect in my selection, based on what most people understand (through my experience/lens) no, I still chose ego here and there. However, through awareness and quieting of the mind, creating stillness I have begun to live a life without ego.

There are some many things to credit and give notice to for their help along this journey I am taking that they are too many to name. From family, to friends, to clients, to experiences of all kinds, and to books they all have an continue to impact me and my live in many ways. After all, I am the sum of all these experiences and I am far from independent, in fact I believe we are all interdependent upon one another. So, this is where gratitude comes in, compassion plays a role, humility sets in, and love overcomes me.

I will say that as the past number of months and couple of years have come and gone I truly have gained some of the greatest insights, biggest shifts in consciousness and I attribute that in large part due to ALL that led up to that point.

You may notice I have used the word "I" quite a bit which would signify an egoic mind, however in reading a book by Eckhart Tolle called a New Earth we realize it is how the I is used, its intent, not the letter or word itself that signify ego.

Some may argue that ego is a good thing, some may argue the opposite for me this is not the key, for me the key is that shifting out of my ego and into my heart and soul has enriched my life more than ever and is leading me on new roads I only wished to travel and bringing me a wealth beyond wealth. For this I am grateful and I take this role as an honor in which I will humble represent with the intention of serving the community of our world, putting out love, gratitude, compassion, humility, peace and respect for all, everyone, everything that makes up this wonderful planet called Earth that we are so fortunate to walk upon and enjoy its fruits.

Respectfully grateful,



Aaron Friday said...

I wrote you a haiku:

Joe is on a path.
Positive thoughts and actions.
Many things to do.

Joe Sarti said...

That is awesome! thx Friday