Saturday, April 27, 2013

5 minute Snatch Test, revisited

Ok, I have done this a Number of times, each different.

1. First RKC certification, April 2005. 28/28 with 24kg and one hand switch only (no specific time and could not park the bell until fully completed all 56 reps). Brutal!!!

2. Re-test in April 2006

3. Tested the 5 minute all out as many reps as possible, hit 110, a first and only time I had attempted this and it was extremely tough. All by myself at Cisco Systems.

4. Re-test in 2009 at Camp Pendelton which there is video of myself and Max Shank doing the test filmed by Jordan Vezina. Best part is TAPS played in the middle with the Marine Core Gents standing to salute while we snatched. 77 total reps, as many switches as needed and bell could be parked at will, easy 2:50 to finish, non-stop.

5. Forget the day/time but 100 in 5 minute once new standard was established which was after Camp Pendleton.

6. Today: 100 in 4:35. First 50 done in 2 minutes never parking bell, 10/10/10/10/5/5. Struggled through next 50. Hands got sweaty, had no chalk and forearms were pumped. Made some adjustments and finished. Certainly as tough as I recall. Having not done any high intensity time based snatch training this was good but I am not this type of athlete.

Part 1
Part 2

I much prefer t snatch the beast and work on power, speed, strength elements. Although, I will say it is good to challenge oneself with this crazy stuff. Form suffered under the duress but I finished strong and healthy. Thankful the the captain was there to support me today as the other guys, Rif and Nick were each out.

This was the beginning and end of today's workout. I am at the peak of the cycle and need to come down and re-ramp. Plus I have lots of lifting and building as I set the gym up. Rest is necessary as is smart training.


Mark Reifkind said...

you're tough dude! just 'doing it' with no specific rep training is awesome.
better you than me though :)

Joe Sarti said...

haha, thats a great compliment :-) thank you!

The first 50 not so bad, even the next 30 hurt but I made it. The last 5 sucked, especially because I could see the finish line. :-)

Aaron Friday said...

Hi Joe. I like that you put up a lot of videos. I'm inspired by them.

I needed to train up to the 100-rep set in a very specific fashion. If I could ever do it without such training, that would represent a huge leap forward in my abilities. Someday I'd like to be able to do that.

Sounds like it sucks butt even when you're really, really strong. I suppose that's the beauty of the test!!!

I always chalked my palms, the backs of my hands, and all around my wrists before doing this. Minimizes the seepage.