Monday, April 29, 2013

Speed Day

Wow, this was a good one. Some strong numbers, strong efforts and speedy movements. Things clicked today on a lot of levels. Programs like these offer moments like today and everything comes full circle. Numbers wise to those who
Do not know they are not impressive, but understanding what I do of the dynamic/speed day from westside, today was a good one

Speed Military Press
28/3 x 10 R
28/3 x 10 L

Really got the speed down. Set 10 felt as good if not better than set 1. Every 30 sec do reps.

Tactical Pull-up, speed style
3 reps every 30 sec x 15 sets

This was tough but set 15 was a strong finish , with 13/14 being the hardest.

Box pistol squat
Double 16kg/2x5 R and L

30 sec rest between sets. Last week these sucked, today they were great. Lost focus/tension a couple times but no
Issues today. Hard hard work but doable And a big improvement

Double Clean

No biggie, just part of the program. The 30 sec intervals with pause make these tougher.

Front lever

Well, ok! This was of the charts huge for me. I was fooling around last week in warm ups and something clicked. So today I decided to put it all together. It was the swing/snatch/clean hike, the straight arm pulldpwn, the planche, the pull-up all in one! Super happy to be close to doing these.

That's enough for the day, as always warmup, gymnastic/yoga mobility and flexibility, and foam roll.

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