Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snatch Saturday

This week called for a "down" week which means a lighter bell with greater volume. Thus the work load is high,,including higher reps/set and more speed/power. Also means the hands work hard, but no tears and that is the key.

28: 5,6,7/side x 5 waves

Total of 180 reps. For 11160 lbs of work. Not bad :)

Not much too say, just a solid days work with a solid bell weight. I like knowing I can hit 200 with this weight

Clubbells arm casts
45/10/10 x 2

These are certainly improving.

Push-ups off of parallel bars
8 x 3

Rotator Cuff work
-lateral raise
-rear delts
-external rotation aka open the door

We had the pleasure of Ken Black joining us today. For fun, Ken hit 25/25 with 28kg on his last set, GS style. The boys all came in with strong efforts today, good flow and energy!


Kikolu said...

Joe, i have a thing training-related, that i want to ask you since you have a lot of experience even in endurance sports. I am riding my bike to work every day, thats 15-30k each way. So, its a bit uphill in the afternoon. I recently switched to an recumbent bike but thats not important here.
I mostly train with bodyweight strength stuff, throwing in some crawling, chest expander work and a little kettlebell (swings, jerks, long cycle). so, what would you do? i dont give up the biking, its refreshing. But i live in fear of overtraining every time i hit strength work. what to do? whats ur opinion on it?

thanks for the answer anyway. i do a lot of bandwork, too. DB raise, i will try that out more often, t

Joe Sarti said...

Kikolu, please email me directly, I can then share my opinion