Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snatch power style

Power snatch

First time ever doing this. A tremendous amount power, force production, and work! This baby hits the CNS but feels so damn good doing so!

Also, this moves hones in skill and technique. As Rif said you realize how important the back swing is and how much a difference a good back swing makes. This is in the rotation and I am very happy I learned this move. thanks Rif ;)

Stacked Swing
20/20 for 3/3
24/24 for 3/3
28/28 for 3/3
32/28 for 3/3
36/32 for 3/3 (equal to 150lbs in one hand)

A different leverage point indeed. This is a good variation on swings at this point in my training and will be in the cycle. This is a serious grip workout as you can tell in the video, set up is crucial.

Clubbell single arm cast

practice, using a band at the feet.
4 sets including a push-up.

Have to work on the position here.first time and just learning to link everything together. The hand position took pressure off the wrists and I felt stronger here. Next time less band more me :)

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