Monday, April 15, 2013

Speed day

Dynamic days are awesome. Time is factor thus conditioning combined with power, speed and technique.

Speed Military Press
28/3 x 10 L
28/3 x 10 R

Pull-up with pause at top

These were by far my strongest pull-ups in a while. Very pleased. Dead hang start each rep with a 2 sec pause at top full lat contraction

Power Clean

These only got better. The video is my first set with the beast so my right was sloppy but I adjusted. First time doing power cleans and first with beast. An adaptation from Rifs power swing. Way harder doing power stuff.

Speed squat close stance
Double 24kg for triples, 10 sec work, 20 rest. Must pause in hole
5 rounds

I wanted to add in a speed day to help with my pistol. Ideally this should be done with a pistol, however I adapted today and choose the close stance squat. This puts my body in pistol position. I was pretty worked as I did this with a time interval. Essentially, 12-15 secs work with about 15-18 sec rest.

Ring dips

Part of the plan for developing the press is to incorporate specific work on key muscles invovled in the Press. In particular the focus is on the weaker muscles first. Now, since I have a goal related to the pull-up as well, I choose to do this first and do my tricep work after. I would assume my triceps are the weak link since I have done little to no specific work on them.

Lateral raise

Another accessory lift for the press. I placed the bells on my forearms which certainly makes this move more interesting and difficult.

This was a great day, I moved strong, fast and powerful today!


Mark Reifkind said...

NOW you've got it on the press! It was a SHOVE not just a press! excellent. the band work definitely helped.

ALso probably not the way to first do power cleans with the beast but super strong, as usual.

Try to get under the clean early, faster.

great stuff!

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks! :) the beast clean did improve, first set was just an adjustment. I will work on the early and faster :)