Monday, April 08, 2013

Speed & more

Ok, getting strong as I mentioned is no joke. The commitment and workloads are BIG and require a serious focus and energy. There is little playing around and the idea of I think today I will do this. As the weeks grow, my strength and work capacity grow and thus workloads I can handle I am realizing that I need to mix things up.

I will discuss with Rif going to a 4 day program rather than 3. I need some more accessory and assistance work and I have a few different goal movements including the KB Military Press, Pistol and Pull-up. I feel 2 strength i.e. max effort days and 2 speed days will be key. This means I may have to arrive earlier on Satruday and do some work before the fellas. More to come

Todays work

Speed Military Press 
24kg + mini purple band
8 triples/side

I felt a bit slower today than I should be, you be the judge. Strength was not the issue but I did not get the rest I need.

Pullups Chest to Bar Dead Hang
8 x 5

Ok, this is better. My shoulder and forearms are health again and my work capacity increasing therefore I can handle the work. The higher reps with dead hang chest to bar made the later sets harder but I did the work and I am getting stronger. I am happy and feel good moving forward. The speed of the pull was really good and I hit my head more than a few times on the serves as a good mark

Clean Squats
48/3/3 x2 PR

Yes! A solid PR and a first. I have never done this combo let alone for reps. I was pretty pooped at this point as this was the last of my movements. Very pleased and this was awesome and tough!

JM Press

I like this but not sure if I am doing it correctly. I took this video for Rifs critique. Because of this I switched to close grip bench. It felt good and did target the triceps well. The ground is a little uneven so I was thrown off a bit but all in all no issues weight wise, etc.

Close Grip Bench Press
205/8 (index finger on knurling)
205/5x2 (narrow with pinky on knurling)

I cannot even remember the last time I did this move or even barbell bench press. So it felt good. Weight was not significant. I did 2 different hand positions. The video shows the wide version which was far easier rep wise. Narrowing grip with pinky on knurling made this more challenging and I adjusted the reps down. I really like the close grip BP.

All in all a great day. I have some more work to do later today including some rotators and stretching work, I will not bore with the details but do want to emphasis these are as important as anything in an effort to stay health.


Mark Reifkind said...

good stuff, we'll talk, Have to show you the jm press. everything very strong though but yes, the speed was a bit slow, no worries.

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you! Look forward to it! :)