Thursday, April 04, 2013


To lift heavy, train hard and be healthy flexibility and mobility are crucial. To live long, minimize stress, increase respiratory function and diaphragmatic action breathe and deep breathing of such as in yoga are crucial.

So today and like every week and most days I do yoga. Tuesday and in particular Thursday I like to do longer sessions focusing on the breath coordinating with the movement and opening, lengthening, strengthening and deepening.

Nice 60 plus minutes today. Big focus on back bending, some hand and arm balancing, down dong, forward folds, chataranga and shoulder opening, plus Chest expansion. Feel gooooood!


Mark Reifkind said...

Strength day followed by yoga day. what better training is there?:) I got a solid hour in myself today and it always feels great( after)

Day four of 1/2 alleve and things feel fine. I think this is the year. the year of the two hand swing and no more nsaids.

Square plumb and neutral here I come.

Joe Sarti said...

Wow Rif, great minds think alike :-). I am so happy for you in regards to the NSAIDs, the swings, the strength, the pullups, pushups, the square, the plumb you name it.

Always leading from the front. And, yes a great compliment. I feel so good today and ready.