Monday, April 22, 2013

Speed: press, pull-up, pistol

Ok, this day took a turn for the better. Introduced a westside approach to pull-up and pistol, complimenting the press. Purpose is simple, achieve a goal of max strength relative to all 3 moves. The clock was running all day, trying to be fast, technical and with little rest adds up. Great great great day!

Speed military press
28kg/3 x 8 L
28kg/3 x 8 R

Work done every 30 seconds with a pause taking out all the elastic energy and equivalent to doing 1 rep sets.

Speed Pull-up 
3 x 12

Dead hang every 30 seconds. Essentially 10 sec work, 20 rest. These got hard, especially keeping the speed and powerful pull. Again no elastic energy, essentially 36 single reps.

Speed Pistol 
Double 16kg/2 X 5 R
Double 16kg/2 X 5 L

Did these to a low box with a pause. Took 15 sec or about to complete and thus 15 sec rests. Speed was questionable but effort and work very high. First time doing this and it was tough but doable. It will get better next week. 


Part of the program requires doing one bell higher than press bell. Hold in rack after each rep. Took 40 seconds to complete, 30 sec rest


More support of weak muscles.

Tonight, foam roll, yoga and rotator cuff work.

Great training day, I was sweating, in fact dripping as Stones was hot at 70 degrees.


Mark Reifkind said...

good work and it sure seemed hotter than 70 degree today! that's what it read when I trained at 12:30 and I was sweating bullets too! have to get used to it.

Joe Sarti said...

Yeah, I was dripping today. It did seem hotter but better than those cold mornings :) warmed up a lot quicker today.

Felt like a good day, the time really helps with the conditioning and keeps me focused and fooling around! Have work to do with pistol but pull-ups really felt good. Stoked to get the reps under that timeframe.