Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Toys and more

With the opening of our studio only days away,mother new toys have been flooding in. Most are still in boxes but 3 are out for me to use, a new 32kg & 40kg Rogue KB and a concept 2 rower. The bells will have to wait but I decided to break in the new rower.

Last night
500 meter repeats with 2+ minutes work, 1 minute rest for 5 sets: splits as follows
2:14.2/145/26 (actually started interval late and it punished me :), adding 10 sec

Total of 2500 meters and 11 minutes work, 152 watt average and 26 s/m
Each repeat I improved my performance. Again it's been almost a year since I used the rower so this was plenty. Finished with rotator cuff work and a good stretch

20 minutes
Total meters = 4356
Ave. 500: 2:17.7
Ave watt: 134

Front lever: static hold with negatives for triples x 3
Hollow Body Rock: 10 x 3

Yoga: 30 minutes of Joga


Mark Reifkind said...

sweet on ALL counts. can't wait to see the new place!

Joe Sarti said...

Me too! Looks like next Thursday so a bit of a wait but I am pumped.

I am limited on time tomorrow and do not have the double 40kg or a pull-up bar. Therefore going to do tomorrows workout Thursday to ensure I get the quality work. I may do lower body portion tomorrow at home but need Stones for the max effort type press, Pullup and clean workr on Thursday

Kikolu said...

What do you do exactly for rotator cuff work?
I d like to have a concept2, 2.....

Joe Sarti said...


I will put some videos up. For strengthening I do band work. In addition I do lateral DB raise, rear delt flyes or bands, straight arm pull downs for serratus anterior.

I do a lot of stretching, hanging, down dog, eagle arms from yoga, dolphin pose, etc.

Concept 2's rock

Kikolu said...

Joe, i have a thing training-related, that i want to ask you since you have a lot of experience even in endurance sports. I am riding my bike to work every day, thats 15-30k each way. So, its a bit uphill in the afternoon. I recently switched to an recumbent bike but thats not important here.
I mostly train with bodyweight strength stuff, throwing in some crawling, chest expander work and a little kettlebell (swings, jerks, long cycle). so, what would you do? i dont give up the biking, its refreshing. But i live in fear of overtraining every time i hit strength work. what to do? whats ur opinion on it?

thanks for the answer anyway. i do a lot of bandwork, too. DB raise, i will try that out more often, too.