Thursday, April 11, 2013

Max effort

One thing about max effort is failure leads to success, or at least this is my mental approach. Why, because I analyze where I fail, what's the weak link in the chain relative to the move and address this in the next weeks moves.

Another, is max effort taxes the shit outta a person, especially when I have 3 different maxes to address. But I love every f-ing minute of this. Today I amped up things with a little OTM work aka on the minute.

Double KB military press (all trips)

OTM work which really increased the intensity. I liked the challenge but I should have rested more to increase quality and workload, but good to be strong under this timeframe. Been 2 months since last did this and added a set today. You will notice on the second video I struggled for that third rep, key was staying focused, engaged and finishing what I started.

Weighted pull-up

Got stronger from 4-7. This is a good day! I needed some weighted volume. Once I drop 10 lbs I will be much better off :)

Pistol, max effort
36/1/1F L/1 L

I love the fight. The focus and concentration. Today I focused on 2 things that seemed to slip my mind
1. Tighten the core, brace the abs pushing them out
2. Crush the bell, activating the Lats and Pecs as well as biceps

Can I just say that I felt so much more powerful such better balance. Also on the 36kg i missed my L, regathered and hit the second attempt.

Lifting is so much more than just lessons associated with movement, these are lessons of life. My training in and out of the gym or on the yoga mat, or riding my mountain bike, etc all are microcosms of The macrocosm aka big picture.

This pistol with the beast was by far the easiest ever and I hit the Left my traditionally less stable side and crushed it.

Side note: Time to hone in the diet, 80/20 does not work now, did for the first few months but need to tighten the boot straps


Mark Reifkind said...

those presses looked STRONG and I like adding in the time component for those who need more intensity but aren't ready for more weight.


Joe Sarti said...

Ok, good. I thought I made a mistake because it certainly cut into the volume. It's was more of a 3 rep max for sets. I need to get double 44kg :) have to do some searching.

That time component kicked my butt :) I did the same up to the heavier bells on the pistol. :)

Thanks :))

Mark Reifkind said...

well I wouldn't do it all the time, just when the weight is in between and going up isn't an option and the current load is too "light".