Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Max effort and failure

Yes, sometimes we fail! That's max effort, trying to do something you have never done before on a specific move. Today was a day filled with failure and success. It's good to be strong, better yet it's good to fail because success lies within failure. I cannot say it enough, the stronger I grow, the heavier the weights get. The heavier the weights get, the harder the work!

Days like this, when you start with failure can have a way of getting in between you and the workout as a whole. This was not the case, I made some adjustments as things went along and I will say I finished strong, including with a PR! Must stay focused, challenge is the name of the game on Max days.

Bottoms Up Press
32/1 on L, fail after
28/1 on R, fail after

This was during the "warm-up" or at least work up to max never happened. I could tell right away, in the early sets that I was lacking the strength here today so I changed it up.

Stack Press
20/22: 1/1
22/22: 1/1
24/22: 1/1
24/24: 1/1
28/22: 3 failed attempts each is the video

At this point I knew I was done and all though no new Max efforts I still fought hard, paid close attention to what I had in the gas tank and pushed to failure. Moves the above are as much about skill as anything. They are not basic moves, and practice surely helps. However, since they are not moves I do weekly but instead periodically some days I just don't have it as an example today


This was good today. A solid lift across the board! Content here!

Lunge (double bell)
40/2/2 x 3 PR

This was a PR in weight today. Certainly stronger than the prior time I did this.

Clubbells arm cast
35/10/10 x 2

Clubbells Shield Cast
35/10/10 x 2

Accessory Work
Rear Delts
30lb DB 8x3

Bicep curl
30lb DB 8x3

Tricep double black band
10 x 3

Straight arm band pull down

Rotator cuff band


Mark Reifkind said...

ok this happens frequently in this system and more often as you get stronger and stronger and really push your limits.

1) it's a sign to move on from this exercise.

2) I also think after all these weeks of low reps it's time for a high rep max effort press day with a medium weight. 1-2 sets of 20-30 reps in the exercise of your choice.

this is a good thing really, although it doesn't feel as much.It's also good to know EXACTLY where your limit is.

also, with all the extra stress in your life now it is a good time to back off and rebuild again.

good stuff

Mark Reifkind said...

also, nothing gets one stronger than pushing with 100 % effort on a true max weight.nothing.not even making it.

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks Coach :) I am ready to back off, it feels right. Lets discuss next week as a whole for max day.

The only lift I feel like I am in the right groove and can keep going is the pull-ups. I had missed a few weeks and that helped. But I can back off of this as well and the lower body stuff. I

will get clarity from you Saturday. Really appreciate the wisdom!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. So great to have you by my side, a voice of reason and wisdom!