Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strength and PRs

Wednesday is Max Effort Day, Westside Barbell style adapted/applied to Kettlebells. The last number of weeks have been an interesting experience and one where I have learned a bunch and improved with a nice and steady progress, today was no different. With the aim of improving/training 3 main lifts; Military Press, Pistol, and Pullup these days demand a lot of work.

Up to this point my training has been focused on the Press but now I am applying the principles to the other 2 moves. One of the great things about the kettlebell, is that many of the moves compliment and have carryover pattern wise, thus supporting the main moves. Today is a great example as I implemented 2 new movements

Bottoms Up Press
28/1/1 I failed first round right side, made a couple adjustments and nailed it
32/1/1 Easier than the 28
36/1 (only Left) PR
32/1/1 x 2 PR (Right side)

36KG Left Side

32Kg, Right side

This was todays max effort and I blew away my previous PR 8 plus weeks ago. This was a really good day with this movement. My technique was much improved and the warm up sets honed my attention to detail.

Pull-up Weighted
32/1 x 3

The 28kg cleared the bar with a strong effort. The 32kg I need a stronger top position. But I am very happy to be pulling the 32kg again.

Single Leg Deadlift, double Bell
36/3/3 PR

I never do these and I have not been deadlifting since June of last year. Deadlift in general is a strong movement for me, so I was excited to add it back in, kettlebell style. Great stabilization and I felt solid. Tried the 40kg but hip flexor did not like the idea so i decided to leave it for another day

2 KB Power Swing
40/3/3 PR

I love this move. Today I took it up a notch and tried my first set of doubles. Ok, this moves is a must for any strength, power, speed athlete. Starting strength, explosive burst. This should be in a pro athletes regimen, a great first step explosive power move.

Finished with Rotator Cuff moves and foam roll/stretch

Overall enjoying applying Westside concept and principles to Kettlebells. This is enlightening me and of course the key is helping move closer to my goals. Today I backed off the accelerator and move methodically and with a strong focus. It felt good to be alone with the Iron, just the 2 of us and of course Jello, Mark and Tracy Reifkinds cat. I love group and community, it is awesome but today there was no distraction, my own time to myself, exploring myself on many levels. I knew what I had to do and best part is I did it and did it how I was supposed too.


Mark Reifkind said...

WOW! that 36 kg was perfect. SERIOUSLY strong. well done!

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you :) getting stronger!