Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Lets just put this out there, getting strong means one thing more work lies ahead. Things do not become easier, just the lighter weights. These days are wicked and really kick ass! I scream, grunt, moan, sweat, strain, push & dig; always find out something about myself and my training.

PR day everywhere

Floor press
48kg/3/3x3 (PR)

Left side was tough as evident in the first of the 2 vids. It did and did not get easier. This required some damn good effort. Could have done the 52kg at least for
Singles steps. It is coming!

Set 2

Kettlebell lunge, doubles
36kg/3/3 (PR)

First time and wow this kicks ass. Tough in part because first time but glad to add to cycle and support my pistol efforts. Next week single leg deadlift, then step ups. Time to change things a bit and build
Off the pistol base.

Double bent row

Great move and tough position but great movement.

Rif Power Swing (all PR)

These are AWESOME. I love the ability to set my position prior to each rep. Could feel the body load and explode. Put a big emphasis on keeping shins perpendicular and staying there throughout. This loads the hamstrings and gluteus making for a strong posterior chain and big explosion. Plus, allows me to train another position, very deadlift (more sumo)/power squat for my body. Since I am not currently utilitizing either move in my program, this will help build my strength, power, and speed within this particular position. I want to squat and deadliest once the gym opens, but I will talk with Rif first ;-)

Clubbell Gamma Cast
35/16 (8 each direction) x 2

Another PR and getting much better with this, although at this point I was pretty beat but I picked it, stayed focused and finished strong!

Hollow Body Rock

Ok, this position, yet again a common theme today is crucial. I am lordodic in my posture and including releasing my Psoas and rolling/stretching the erectors and QL. Strengthening my core through this position is key and will only help with levers, L-Sit, Toes2Bar, planche, pullups, dips, pushups and posture.



Mark Reifkind said...

WOW! that's perfect. First off I love that saying :"getting strong means one thing, more work ahead"
LOL SO TRUE but it also means you can handle it.

SOlid everywhere today and the floor presses were perfect max effort lifts. Gotta change though next week:)

ANd the double lunges were freaky. well done man! especially all that work solo.:)

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you! I am focused and committed, that's the difference. I have the discipline and am ready. You right, this is just the start. We hit the finish of 3 months in which the last 6 weeks I have been doing the program. Things are coming together and more work ahead!

Yes I do realize a change is due, lets discuss Wednesday. Thanks for the support, encouragement and coaching. It makes a BIG difference

Eric Kenyon said...

Beautiful lifting Joe. I saw that floor press and it looked do-able for me. So today I did it, but I must admit I paused with my elbow about an inch off the floor. Got excited and reverted to my usual technique. The club is super cool. How heavy is it?

Joe Sarti said...

Thank you Eric. Nice work with the FP beast. This was an awesome day/lift.

The club is 35lbs, I believe Scott sonnen calls it the mini bruiser. Love that bell weight.

Hope all is well my friend