Sunday, January 15, 2006


My Immediate goal is to train and condition myself to compete in the next TSC challenge...Tactical Strength Challenge

KB Snatch 24kg for max reps in 5 minutes...can place the bell down.
The goal is 120 reps

Deadlift max weight raw style (no suit, only a belt)
goal 550#s

Pull-ups Bodyweight for max reps, tactical style (thumbs over grip)
20 to 25 reps

If I can accomplish this (which I can/will) I know I can compete for the title and put on a good show. The main goal is to focus on the training and to compete at my best on the day of the competition. I need to focus and accomplish this. I have talked a good game, now I must follow through if anything for my ownself! Live the words you speak!

My bodyweight now is 168 and I probably will range between 165 to 168 for the contest. I am not sure when the next contest is but the training begins now.

Stay Tuned

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Mark Reifkind said...

joe, this is good. remember though the order of events is




and you get to do the first one with the 53. the next one you use the two pood and the 10 kg for the pullups. be afraid.