Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday, 1/23 at Stones

Rif, The Dymmel and I trained together. Awesome group of people to workout with

Deadlift: Felt strong today, really coming together
Basic build up
385/3x2...saved my best for last...really aligned myself well and a strong pull

I have 550 in my sights for sure...just must stay focused and train smart

20/5x1 w-up

24/40x2 (transitioned every 5th rep, felt strong and no real lung fatigue, just low back got tight)

24/18x1 (switch every 3rd rep...changed form to a real short hip based motion too fatigued to tell if it would help or not)

24/20 (switched at 10 and did this sprint style to finish....awesome and totally strong)

Total 118

Ball Crunch
16k/5x3....helped loosen up a tight low back

Great workout! I am super inspired and just ready to kick ass

Man, I really taking to the coaching by Rif and it has been the difference. I thank him for his patience with me, cause I and others know I did not make it easy on him or myself or others


The Dymmel said...


Thanks again for all the exposure to kb's and for the open invite to train. You guys are great and I'll definitely miss y'all when we move.


Mark Reifkind said...

you did great Joe but remember, dont think about 550 till you've pulled 525. One weight at a time.

Joefitness said...

thanks gents, it is a pleasure to know and work with both of you!