Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stones Saturday..1/21

Good Day....had to see what I could do with the 1 Arm Swing. Really at the starting point for my conditioning, which sucks arse.

1 Arm Swing
20k/10/side x2
Set 1 2:00
24k/30/side (60 total) Good first round felt a good groove.

Set 2 1:30
24k/23/side (46 total) This set got tougher, to be expected but still felt strong. Must use my hips better on the reps. Low back a little fatigued

Set 3 2:00
24k/33/side (66 total) Ouchy, this was the grind set. The test of mental fortitude. My low back was tight and made each rep a little tougher, but instead of quitting at 1;30, I pushed till 2:00 minutes. Nice to have Rif, Nick, Palmer and Tracy rooting me on.

I transfer every 3rd to 5th rep to minimize oxyen debt. It worked because the problem was not oxygen, just muscular fatigue which will improve with continued work.

Seesaw Press superset with Pull-up
20k/5/side x1 w-up
24/5/side x5
too easy, need to step up

BW pullup
5, 5, 7, 8, 8, 5 =38
these were not hard but with a superset I took it easier

Overall I would say this was a good workout, but I need to push myself harder.

great too see everyone else pushing themselves, I feed off that great energy!

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Mark Reifkind said...

nice job yesteday joe, but its ASS not arse. get with the program :))