Thursday, January 05, 2006

Monday, Day 1 at Stones

Great first day back! Felt strong in the pure strength sense, but my conditioning is down. One thing about the KBs, once you have the groove, you do not forget it. It does not hurt that I instruct on a daily Thanks Rif!

Warm-upClean and Jerk, 2kb24/5x5
Weighted Pull-up12k/5x5 + 2 warm-up sets of bodyweight, 5 reps each

Front Squat, 2kb24/5x5

Snatch24/5x5 felt good and changed my groove to more leg based (i.e. vertical jump), much better. Just have to be careful not to pull with the levator or I will overactive my teres...ouch

Hang Knee/leg Raise5x5.....felt darn good...helps to have a good instructor, a master of the exercise :-)

Swings 2hand24/15x3....again changed the groove to the vertical jump style. Feel like I can do more reps and saves my low back.

All in all a great first day and a step in the right direction! Roll on!

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