Monday, January 16, 2006

Stones Monday

Well, I am hungover which is never the best way to enter a new training regimen. However, it reminded me of Micheal Jordan, who played with the flu and had the best games ever in the NBA finals, so no excuses....just push and work through it.

12/5x2 w-up
24/5x3 light, just did waitin for Rif since he was chatting with Pavel :-)

+15k (348)/3x1
+10k (371)/3x2

Felt really strong on the max weight today and well connected. This is just a great move for me. Well built for it and I love the challenge of lifting big weights

KB Snatch (total of 100 reps in approx 9 minutes)
24/5x1 w-up
24/20 (switch at 10, 5, 5)x1
24/15 (switch at 10, 5)x1
24/10 (switch at 5)x1
24/5 x1

This kicked me in the rear but I felt strong. We decided to focus on switching every 5th rep and perventing oxygen debt/fatigue. The goal is too get 120 in 5 minutes. This should be no problem ;-). I think I did reasonable well since I have not done this volume or intensity in sometime and the hangover But this is a good barometer and gives me something to improve upon

I love the mental fortitude that this type of training requires. if it don't kill ya, it will make ya stronger and that is exactly how I feel.

As Rif's board says fluid and vicious.

Always finish strong, last set best set!

I was equally inspired today as I always am by my training partner, Rif. He is a gifted man and focused/dedicated athlete. For a guy who could not physically (due to various ailments, etc.) do pull-ups, today he did weighted pull-ups all the way up to a 1 rep attempt with the 24kg...he nevers fails to impress/inspire.

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