Monday, January 30, 2006

TSC training at Stones


Felt strong used a good overhand grip which made it more challenging to engage, but my last few reps were the best...have to go barefoot, allows me to engage my heels


24/15x1 (switch every 5) Excellent!
24/10x3 (switch every 5) strong and conditoning feels good...start right side
24/9x1 (switch every 3)
24/10x1 Last set, sprint set! This was great and feel real good

My conditioning is up and my low back was not an issue today! Using more legs/quads, especially after doing the deadlift.

Pull-up (1 max rep set to Grease the Groove)
15...this is nice, I should be able to get to 25 ;-)

Awesome day, just feel strong and well conditioned in general. My Warrior Diet is going well and my mass is up, body fat down...holding steady at 168


The Dymmel said...

It still kills me that you are that light!

Everything looks like a good plan.

Question. Is that first set of snatches 15 on each side? Hard to tell if it's 15+15 or just 15 total.

Joefitness said...

Each side bro, thanks for the feedback, your presence in the area is going to be missed