Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wed, Day 2 at Stones

First day back on the deadlifts

A number of sets 3reps/per increasing in 10 kg increments from 135 to a finish with 2 sets at 341

Note:Must remember to remove slack and not lock out my knees too early

Clean and Jerk (first time with real jerk technique)24/5x332/3x2 (felt awesome and like the 24kg)

Mixed with pull-ups3reps x5

2 hand swing40/1040/1540/2032/1032/15

Really strong workout. I was tight in the legs early on from Monday but loosened up quick and felt strong on the deadlift. I know I can pull 550, just must remember the principles! Cannot understate how important for me it is too have a great coach, who pushes and challenges all while educating me!

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