Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday at Stones

Great day!

+10k/3x1 (total of 358)

Felt strong and really got the slack out today. Everything is starting to connect...can/will only get better!

Clean and Jerk
24/5x1 w-up

Clean and Jerk Lt to transfer to CJ Rt, transfer..etc.

Rif is right, a different fatigue level but felt darn good and got the heart rate up. Almost forgot that I had the 32kg in my hands...last set really flowed!

2 hand swing
32/10, 15, 20
40/10, 15, 20
another strong legs were really coordinated felt the hammies, quads, glutes and abs/core really work together, which made the movement easier. Focused breathing is a big difference, helps manage the fatigue!

My abs/core and legs feel fatigued but I will be ready to hit it again on Wednesday

Great day at Stones, one of my best workouts. I was really focused and felt really strong. Still need to get my conditioning up, but it is on the rise.

Thanks Coach!

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The Dymmel said...

Nice work, bro.

That's a lot of lifting!

Glad to see you getting focused in on your new plan.