Friday, September 28, 2007

40kg...The 3rd installment

Week 3 of my 40 kg experience. Let me just say that this is one hecka of a BIG and HEAVY kettlebell. Everytime I touch this bell I am humble and honored to have built up the strength to move this thing for a workout. I am in awe of those men who use this as a regular tool.

So here is how it went up

Warm-up 1 arm swings for my snatches from 16kg to 40kg

Snatch (down to shoulder downswing motion)

I went after 6 sets of doubles. My hands are a little rough from Wed and I thought it best to have no tears and good reps. I must say I get progressively better as the sets add up. I can feel the pure power and explosive nature of this bell.


This is a first, 3 sets of 5 reps (at least I think). This took all my mojo to get these reps. Again I was strongest on my 3rd set but I knew it was best to call it there. This is both a progression in total reps and # of reps/set so I am very, very pleased.

Swings (1 arm)

Felt good to finish with this. I need this weight in my hand so swings are good for developing the grip strength and technique required to snatch this bell. I played around with my technique as I noticed I was really on my heels inthe initial sets. for the last 2 sets I put more focus on pushing with the middle part of my foot to better engage the balls of my feet. This helped with my back swing and took all the stress of my hammies and low back. Now never did my low back feel any real stress but I did notice when I made the change that the low back felt stronger and my hip snap and drive were more forceful.

My throat is burning from the work and I really enjoyed this workout

Did a 20 minute yoga session this morning and going to finish with another 20 minutes.

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