Saturday, September 22, 2007


What more can I say than it is a 40 kinda of day, and I am not talking about Mikey's, Old E, King Cobra, etc. Of course, I am referring to the KB. Now, back in the high school dayz I would not mind a Bubble Bee or Old E but these days I prefer the kettlebell.

So, here is how it went up!

Windmill warm-up



Now, with each rep I do the pull to the shoulder and reverse clean techniique with this bell. I am still acquiring the feel for this bell, especially with my right side. I did some hand maintenance the other day and my right hand is a little raw so the rotation is a little uncomfortable.

So my right side struggled but really improved with each set as I figured how to set the bell in my hand to minimize the discomfort. My left side though went up like a man possessed, wickedly fast and smooth, strong like a 32Kg.


This exercise my left struggles and my right feels super strong. The first set on the left was the most challenging but I felt really strong with all the sets. I feel it and it comes STRONG!

2 hand Swing
40/20x7 (30 seconds work mixed with 30 seconds rest).

My body held strong, the last set I could feel the fatiguee but overall strength and endurance felt great and I really felt a strong hip snap...the key!

Great workout! Will do some yoga to finish off and call it the day!

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