Wednesday, September 12, 2007


What more can I say than this was my day for my Tactical Strength Challenge!

Deadlift (rif knows better than I, I already forgot from all the lack of blood
attempt 1

attempt 2

attempt 3

This i know for a fact, 546 is my new PR and I love it. This too me and for me was the number I wanted the most, the deadlift. I have already accomplished (although outside of competition day) my snatch goal so this one was the big one and I nailed it! I am so proud of Rif and I for working together to get this number.

Pull-ups (with 10kg)
15 reps

Snatch (32kg in 5 minutes)
61 reps

disappointing but 2 PR's makes up for it. Keeping it all in true perspective I set out to accomplish a goal and as Rif said, there was a day, a time, a place and the rules in place and I went on this wonderful journey, learning and improving!

A big thank you to Rif and all those who shared theur support!

Great day at the gym, great workout!


Aaron Friday said...

It accelerated my own training. That I know for sure. Next time, you should seek out a group or enlist some other athletes to join you.

Joefitness said...

that it is a great thought, thanks for sharing and I know you can do 100+ but as we both know it can be hard accomplsihing all 3 in one day

Mark Reifkind said...

you are most welcome Joe you did a fantastic job these last 3-4 months getting ready for this.well done man, well done.
I dont know about next time for joe aaron, he really hates reps in the snatch!lol.!
Beast challenge next.

Aaron Friday said...

Seriously? That's too bad. I was hoping one day to have Joe kick my ass in the Elite event.

Joefitness said...

thanks Rif. I just want you and everyone to know how much I appreciate your time, your coaching, your support. You are one hell of a coach and I would not and do not want any other person, ANY coaching me other than you! Shoot, I listen to you over myself, lol :-) You are a god among the health and fitness world an so much knowldege and wisdom through learning and experience that people NEED to know who the real authorities and experts are in this world.

thanks man

0311 kettlebell instructor said...

5 letters for you. B-E-A-S-T. Very impressive 546 pull. I usually hate on 5 footers like yourself for being lower to the ground but this time I ain't mad at 'cha. Great work friend.

Joefitness said...

thanks my friend, it is not my choice to be a '5 footer' but this is how I have been blessed and I am makin the most out of it. :-)

hope you and the universe are treating each other well! Stay a BEAST yourself!