Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Plan

The new plan is under way but still working out the kinks, meaning putting together the schedule and plan of attack. So, with that in mind I had a light day today in terms of total workload but a good workout regardless

Morning Yoga for 20 minutes with some joint mobility.

Rifstonian Institute for Higher Learning

Military Press
28/5/5 x5

Key point! Use the lats to pull the bell into the body and to launch the bell overhead and Tense the whole body!

Pull-ups (bodyweight, tactical style)

Normallly there will also be deadlifts on this day but next week will begin that process.

Feels good to be heading in a new direction and building off the last program! I want to capitalize on the strength gains and really improve my swings, pistols and presses as well as the snatch, deadlift and pull-up! Day 1 of this program of many!

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