Saturday, September 08, 2007

Snatch, Swings, and taking'er easy


1 Arm Swing


Nice sweat and good to feel the weight in the hands. Tapering is no fun let me just say that. For me, I just really enjoy working out and doing movement so limited or restricted movement is boring. I will be ready come Saturday for a hard workout!


Aaron Friday said...

That workout is for weeklings. I could do that workout easily, and I'm puny. What the hell is the matter with you? I thought you were strong?

Aaron Friday said...

Just trying to get you steamed so you'll lift a ton on Saturday :)

Aaron Friday said...

Great effort, Joe! Geez, you've got a hell of a deadlift. I haven't seen all the results yet, but that's got to be way up there.

How'd you feel after those snatches?

Joefitness said...

the snatches left me with a lot to be desired since i got 90 in the training but after 2 PRs and the deadlift I am super stoked.

Great job yourself, I have been avoiding looking at the numbers since I wanted no advantages in any way or to cheat myself or anyone else!

Aaron Friday said...

I was hoping to get close to 100, but did not consider the pre-fatigue caused by the other two events. I never trained them all on the same day, so didn't know what to expect.

You must have used up your mojo on those awesome deadlifts.