Monday, September 24, 2007

Pull, Pull and Push

At the Rifstonian institutre for higher training today I had the pleasure of meet the Neuperts, Geoff and Courtney. These are two talented and intelligent people who work in the field. I was impressed with their knowledge and Geoff's strength....strong dude hit the real deal weightlifting snatch, etc.

I was able to eavesdrop on their conversations with Rif on Z-Health which is an interesting "joint mobility" system. I like the idea of aproaching the body and its movement on the Neurological level. Very simple in their appearence, the moves that is but quite complex in the true manner in which one to perform the moves. Requires a great degree of focus, patience and concentration. I look forward to learning more.

The Workout
5kg/5 x1

I have to admit I did not feel strong today but I think my numbers were strong.


365/1x10 with 30 sec rest

Not my best technique day, Rif and Geoff both noted I was not finishing properly with the hips and I had a slight shrug of the shoulders. A little out of sync with this today but I know and feel it so much more clearly.


Nice submax effort. I really value the importance of submax training for maximal gains. The system works and it is evident in my deadlift for the TSC.

A special day at Rifs, anytime you get to meet other great minds and all share information in an open form this is a unique and inviting opportunity.

Yoga tomorrow

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