Friday, September 14, 2007

New Goals

The main goal is to begin working with the 40kg

Snatch: 40kg for 5 reps/side and 5 sets

Military Press: 40kg for 5 reps/side and 5 sets

Pistol: 40kg: for 5 reps/side 5 sets

Swings: 40kg for sets of 20 and 20 with 1 arm and a total of 5 sets or 200 1 arm swings/100/arm

Pull-up: 40kg for 5 reps in one set (total workout volume of 15/workout)

Deadlift: 600

Bodyfat 8%

Bodyweight: 165 to 168

Date to accomplsih by Feb RKC in San Jose (except deadlift, I will have to confer with Rif on this goal just to be sure, 50lbs is a lot as Rif would say)

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