Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wed workout

So, still working out the details with Rif on the plan but after today I think we have a GOOD one in place. Today was a the Wed portion.

Snatch (for volume altering workouts between the 24, 28 and 32)

Repeat the pyramid for a total of 2 rounds or 128 snatches. Cardio wise and strength endurance wise this was not bad at all. I felt like I could do sets of 20 to 30. However, I am really working on my technique, slow and controlled, pausing at the top to find my center, riding the back swing, and of course the hands which continue to be an issue. No tears but they callouses were hurting.

Swing: 1 Arm (this is for more work or as Rif puts it 'tonage'). I like that philosophy.

total of 134. My low back was tired and I put more stress than necessary. I kept my rest to 1 minute or less and in the scheme of things, not a good idea. I should have focused on my form and just getting the work in. Good Lesson!

16000 + lbs or 8 tons of swings and snatches. A good day

PS: I did 3 sets of Pistols w/ the 24kg for a 3x3 yesterday and my abs/glutes are rocked. :-)

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