Friday, September 21, 2007

The final addition of my new workout plan

weighted pullups
light press( 24 or 28 kg)

Snatch volume ( 24 28 or 32 kg )
Heavy pistols (28 or 32 kg)
swings (28 or 32 kg)

Heavy snatch ( 40 kg)
Heavy press (32 or 40 kg)

Medium Pistols ( 24 or 28 kg)

In addition, I am doing at least 20 minutes to 30 of yoga 4+ days a week. In fact, I did yoga the last 2 days and will do so again tomorrow. Other things may appear, like swings, a mountain bike ride, hike or run based on how the body is feeling. I am enjoying the strength part and the conditioning associated with it but I still enjoy the other athletic moves.

Stay tuned for the continued progress

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