Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Snatches, Swings and friends

Another day at Rifs, Geoff and my friend Tim Dymmel joined in for a workout session. Tim mimiced me for the most part which is great having another guy, who is strong, fit and gives you a little extra push. Plus, watching Geoff do his Olympics is inspiring and then there is the great Rif, enough said there.

28/5/5x8 = 80

Getting this motion down much better, making it much easier on the hands. Unlike my friend Tim, who endedup with 4 tears....but given the fact that he has not snatched in quite some time I will give him a pass :-). Afterall with all my tears I have no room to

Swings 1 arm

Ok not the big numbers, high intensity work but Iam very happy with these because I really want to hone my skills. I can always push myself, but honing the skills is a must

Really nice energy today and I thank Geoff and Tim for joining us at Rifs and of course Rif for opening his doors to all of us. What a great environment and wish we had some more days like these. I really feel that picking Geoffs brain would be a great experience and Tim pushing me and sharing his ideas would awesome

PS: Yesterday did a hour hike and 25 minutes of yoga


Franz Snideman said...

Sounds like it was a great meet up for the giants of northern california and north carolina!

rock on brother!

Joefitness said...

thanx Franz. Wish you Yoanna the best