Thursday, September 06, 2007


As a fitness pro and coach I have the great oppotunity to educate, share, teach, encourage, show, explain, support, and so much more many wonderful people. I am in a powerful position as I see it because I truly am a factor in peoples lives (or at least as much as they allow). This is an honor and one which I take seriously and with a great sense of humility and humble respect and gratitude.

So, as I evolve so do the lessons I have learned, the knowledge I have gained and my way of expressing and sharing with people in general. On of the main topics I discuss with my clients in the concept of nutrition. Now, I am fully aware and understand that a number of different philosophies exist in this area and many which are sound and successful. So, I have taken what I have learned through education and experience to develop my own philosophy.No particular order

* I only eat what I need
* Aim to eat all natural (organic if possible) foods that have no processing or modification
* Buy local produce, etc. if and when feasible
* Eat clean and lean
* Fasting is a good thing
* Drink water
* Have tea and make it a ceremony (enjoy the process and if possible talk with your loved ones over a nice cup)
* Eat Veggies
* Eat Fruits
* Buy cage free, no hormone, no anti-botic foods. Afterall, I prefer to respect my environment and that means the animals who are being sacrificed for our health. Plus, when I eat these healthier sources my body desires much less.

So this is just some of what I believe and aim for on a daily basis. I am limiting my consumption and appreciating all the factors that go into the production of food, etc. I realize I am fortunate to have the means to purchase these products at will and therefore have a healthier lifestyle.

By consuming less as a principle in life I feel I can contribute more back to the society. How so you may ask? Well, if I drive a car that gets better gas mileage, is better for the environment , buy only what I need to live a good life , walk when I can, use less energy in the house , take shorter showers, flush only after I pee 3 or 4 times , and so on I feel I can leave a small foot print. Do I have bigger goals? Yes! I am working daily on ways to share and the most important thing is I have to lead by example.

Is this the answer, well I cannot answer this for anyone but myself. I have found that I feel better eating less; I do not need many material things to have a great life since I am so fortunate to have love and a loving supportive partner, health, peace of mind and spirit, a successful business which I love and do with passion, good friends, family and clients, and a love for life that I experience everyday; I am working on selling my truck to buy a more fuel efficient, cleaner car; I am working on moving closer to my business so I can drive less and hope to walk more; etc. Point is that for myself I feel great and I feel peace as I strive daily to make an impact/difference and live my life to the fullest with the goal of leaving this place a better place then when I came here. I am excited to be going back to school again to continue my evolution and bring my life experiences and skills and share with the good people of this world. In time I will be doing more on a global level in an effort to help other societies thrive and prosper.

As my friend Franz said, "swing for the fences" what the best that can happen? I hit a grand slam and I love the sound of that!

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