Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A few Life and Training Philosophies

Some Philosophies

*Keep it Simple. Do not make 'things' more complex than necessary. Life is already a challenge why make it more complex than need be. There is a ton of great and useful stuff available, find what works for you and go for it. The key is sticking to it and learning/understanding what you choose to a level where you successfully implement, stay consistent and make progress!

*Be Real with yourself. There is no need to lie to yourself or others. So when making an assessment as to what you want, need, desire, etc. just be honest with yourself, find the tools, develop the skills and go for it!

*Be Humble. Shoot, who knows everything about everything? So be humble, seek out help and guidance, be open-minded and learn as much as you can. You do not have to use the information but it can and most likely will help you to succeed on some level.

*Be Respectful. Anyone reinvented the wheel lately? Again, so many wonderful ideas, and brilliant/creative minds exist, respect others and be open to learn from them. You do not have to agree with someone to be respectful.

*Enjoy the moment. This is your big show, your one and only so enjoy, have fun, do it with a smile, a good many laughs, and love in your heart and soul. This is the ride of your life, your adventure into a carnival of many experiences, so kick back, take a deep breathe and enjoy.

*Make a difference. Everyday the way you live impacts others, so make a positive impact/difference.

*Be Kind and Peaceful. Especially to yourself because this is where it all starts. the best part is this will carryover to others, believe me I see it everyday. Sometimes the best hour of a persons day is the hour they spend with you, so be kind and peaceful and of course loving.

*Be Compassionate. Everyone has a story and the stories they have been told have stories behind them, so be compassionate and by the way this should be applied to yourself first. Show yourself compassion, you are a student of life and we all learn according to our own way/experiences.

These are just some of the tenants of life that reward me on a daily basis. The reflections associated with them are just a short expression of some of my story and how I want to share. I learn everyday that the more practice I put into these philosophies the greater rewards I share with others and that are inturn bestowed upon me, whether by others or just within my own being. Be calm, compassionate, loving, kind, peaceful, respectful, aware, conscious and striving to help this world become a better place have provided me with so many daily rewards. I feel I am evolving more and more each day as I practice these principles. Am I perfect, well that is a topic that is debately, however I know I am doing my best.

I hope you enjoy and can read this with an open mind toward learning and in turn share your thoughts, feelings, principles, philosophies with me. I enjoy what others have to say and I am curious to say the least as I approach everyday with the plan of evolving further than the days prior

My this writing find you with peace, love, kindness, compassion and respect in your heart and Soul

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