Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pressing The Beast, The Muscle Factor

What I love about this photo is just how well it shows the use of all the muscles in the arm. The angle and lightening do such a wonderful job depicting how much and how important it is to use everything possible to move/lift a kettlebell. Also, you can see the sheer amount of focus/concentration necessary to successfully press this bell. No matter what, there is a high degree of attentional focus necessary when training movement, especially in the case of heavy strength movements that require every muscle in the body to co-coordinate to produce the proper amount of muscular contraction that provide the force to move the weight.

This picture reminds me of the amount of work and time that it has taken for me to get to this point and just how special the kettlebell is as a tool for strength and conditioning.


Franz Snideman said...

pressing the beast....not too many people that can do it Joe!

You are in rare company! I'm envious!

Aaron Friday said...

Plus, the picture makes you look like a total stud.

Jordan Vezina said...

People always marvel at the muscular development they see in the arms when I'm pressing or snatching as well as in others who use kettlebells. My response is usually that this should tell you something about your training if you've been on machines and doing reverse overhead bosu lunges. Perfect example here.

Kettlebell Instructor 0311 said...

Whatever dude you like that picture because you are ripped like a donkey.

When do we work together again? August UCLA? CKFMS? I know you just got your Jogi cert, but when do step onto the Dragon Door stage again?

Joe Sarti said...

LOL, thanks Gents. The picture up close was cool, just served as a reminder of what it takes to do what we all do. I have so much respect for people of the Iron world, sprinters, athletes, gymnasts you name it because of the work it takes.

Yo Big Will, I have no plans on any Dragon stuff as of yet but I may have to come down to UCLA and say hello to you all. If we can arrange something else, let me know.

Gents, Be Strong!