Thursday, May 15, 2008

This weeks Workouts

Snatch: 40kg/3/3x3
Thrusters: 40kg/3/3x5
Pull-ups, 5,6,7,8,7,6,5
TGU: Double 24kg/1x1
Clean and Press: Double 32/3x1 and 40/1x1
2Hand Swing: 32kg, 20, 30, 30, 40, 40

My strength is definitely coming back and full bore. I have a great respect for strength as I constantly see people struggle with a 16 or 20kg bell I am reminded that I have to honor and respect strength and the ground work laid to get to this point. In my business you are constantly reminded with new folks coming in and even existing folks just how much it takes to get to the next levels so I appreciate what I have and continue to work. This week I am especially proud of my double 24 tgu and double 40 clean and press....

More Tomorrow, Friday with snatches, presses and chins (all lighter weight 24 or 32)

YOGA & Meditation
90 minute Vinyasa at Willow Glen Yoga
30 Minute Home Practice following video by Shiva Rea
30 Minute Restoration Practice (Self)
15 Minute Restortation Practice (Self)
55 Minute Self Directed Practice
10 Minute Meditation
5 minute Meditation

Will do self practice over the weekend, headed out of town so no bells, just yoga and maybe a good hike or 2.

In yoga, I still have so, so much to learn but I am grateful for my mind and what I have learned thus far. The continued self practice is very important for my progression of levels of understanding. When I take classes from other I pay close attention to their structure, communication and style of teaching, this helps me to better define what I feel is the best approach for me. I am still a rookie and it is exciting to be on this ground breaking level of self development.


Jordan Vezina said...

That resonates well Joe, about being reminded of my strength, and how far I have come every time I watch someone just starting out struggle with a weight that used to challenge me as well. Watching them progress and find their own strength is the best.

Joe Sarti said...

And you have and continue to discover great things about yourself and strength is just one area.

Thank J-Dog, see at Girya