Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Student & Teacher, A Reflection

Below is a reflection on 2 words that are descriptive of myself and others in general. The relationship I have to these words is reflected in part in my attempt to explain my understanding and implementation to them. I feel the relationship I have to these labels/words and their relationship to themselves are integral and require contemplation and exploration, so I share.


It is the student, the one who seeks to learn and understand that has great ability to succeed on lives path. Being a student demonstrates the ability to empty your cup and free your mind to learn and open yourself to the thoughts, feelings, opinions, and wisdom of others. The student wants to learn what others have to say and is not consumed with wanting others to understand their thoughts but is more curious to what others have to say. It is the student that embodies the concept that it is better to understand than be understood. It is the student who makes the best teachers because they always want to learn how to improve, better, expand their knowledge base and tool chest.

Being a student is how we enter this world and begin our journey. We should always remember this fact and continue to evolve ourselves and believe that we can become more and therefore offer more. There is an infinite amount knowledge, wisdom, experience available to us in our lifetime and we should look for ways to acquire the things that will help us and others we encounter enhance our chances to lead the life we so wish.


Our most valuable piece to our progression and evolution is the teacher. Teachers come in various forms and we all are teachers. The best teachers are the best students and vice versa. Teachers offer information and wisdom not from ego but from the wish to share through their experiences. Teachers help us to better understand the world in and around us. Without teachers what would we be.

Often undervalued and underappreciated it is the teachers I have encountered and continue to do so that have proved to be so pivotal in my evolution. It is them I thank for opening the doors and showing me some potential ways to be the best I can be and bring my best forward daily.

As a teacher remember to be humble and realize that you probably are not reinventing the wheel but may indeed be designing and combining it in a way which is unique and represents your experience and wisdom. Release your ego and share your wisdom with the hopes that it will help others, because as a teacher it is about others not you.

Since my yoga certification I have and feel this ramp up in my evolution, in my consciousness. One aspect or piece that has and played a significant role while during the yoga training process was my exposure to a whole 'new' set of philosophical wisdom known as the Yoga Sutras. Last night I picked up a book I recently purchased and began to read with the intent on deeply contemplating and translating each Sutras (129 total) meaning to my life (at least at this point).

The book I am reading states that the cornerstone of the Yoga Sutras is Meditation. Further I read in the 1st verse from Master Patanjali who wrote the Sutras over 2000 years ago

"And I will only review, says the Master, what I have heard from my holy teachers. He attacks his own pride: I have nothing new to tell you, and there is nothing her that I have made up myself. I am only a vessel for the wisdom of the ages, and I pass it on to you, tried, tested and unadulterated."

The true wisdom of a Master in many ways the ultimate Student and even more Teacher.


Kettlebell Instructor 0311 said...

For the teacher and the student are symbiotic in their role revolving around the energy pool. Their exchange is of a product that manifests in the form of knowledge. As the water is to the roots and the leaves to the sun, whatever your interpretation of the exchange may be, it could not be without all else. Thanks for encouraging us to look upon the circular.


Joe Sarti said...

Thank you!!!