Thursday, May 08, 2008

KB Snatch & Yoga Self practice

Another great KB session today and I am heading to do a self guided yoga practice. I am really enjoying the balance and focus I am getting from the combination of these two movement arts combined in a daily practice. I am listening to my body and not my ego and have released my attachments to the outcomes. In the process I am learning more than I had anticipated and I am eager to workout each day. The quality of the workouts are great and the amount of work always is just what it needs to be. In the process I am learning to see the perfection of the moment. My mind is calm and my approach is peaceful. As times goes on things will go just as they are supposed to and if I have a strong anticipatory vision, that means more great stuff to come

KB Snatch

Volume = 120. No change from last week in volume
Intensity = Increased with a rep range of 15/set/arm this was far more than last weeks progressive pyramid structure

Yoga: Hour Long Self Guided Practice

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