Friday, May 09, 2008

Yoga and Mountain Bike


45 Minute of Ashtanga Yoga. I sure can tell the difference with my consistent practice, I know I have said this before but it is so important to note. I am far more relaxed in my postures and flowing much smoother as well as learning an immense amount.


I just enjoy the spring and summer time so much. It is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors at its best, at least for me. Today was no exception. I dusted off my old mountain bike, did a small tune-up and took her out for a spin. Since I had to give the other bike back to my friend it was time to get used to the old hard-tail which is a completely different ride from the carbon fiber, full suspension bike I had rode over the last couple years.

Now, I have not been on a bike much over the last few years after riding quite a bit over a 5 year period. But, this summer with no competitions, etc in the plans I am hoping to spend some time on the bike, especially over the weekends. Today was a nice spin taking about 45 minutes or so with consistent and mild climbs/descents.

It was wonderful to literally be so present in the moment of riding, tuning into my breath (which was quite heavy at times...soout of biking cardio shape) and observing the beauty of nature all around. Super peaceful, fun and a bit challenging. Cannot think of many better ways to spend a beautiful California afternoon.

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