Monday, May 12, 2008

Training Evolution

It all started 12 years ago. I was in college, looking for a job and a couple of my workout buddies asked if I wanted to be a trainer. After a few questions and I said yes and that is where my professional training career began. While working at 24 hour fitness I used what I knew how to do, which was following a typical bodybuilding plan or some variation of that. However, once I realized I could make more money if I had other certifications I went out at started to learn and more training has only continued to evolve from the beginning to its current state.

Since I first began I have done bodybuilding, rehab, Chek protocol, sport performance, adventure racing, tri and marathon training, martial arts, powerlifting, and my main tool of Kettlebells. Of course recently I have added Yoga which I am super stoked to have on my resume. During this time I have learned from many awesome folks including my number 1 mentor, Mark Reifkind and I just keep on learning.

The purpose for me is to take the best of the things I have learned from all these systems and more and put them together in a package that best serves my clients. All of these systems have their merits and all are excellent in their own way. As I have said and continue to say is that I am not reinventing the well, but take pieces and putting together in the appropriate package for the client.

As I continue to evolve on a personal level, so does my professional approach and philosophies. During this process I have realized that what I truly am is a coach but far more than just a fitness coach or personal trainer. I am a life coach who helps guide people on their transformative lifestyle to achieving their best. Their is nothing more rewarding than giving your time to people who truly appreciate you and your time/gifts and are so open and willing to do their best for themselves.

I understand my role and accept 100% what I am there for. I take responsibility and accountability for what I do and my evolution I know is part of this. So, I continue to practice, and practice, using myself as guinea pig to gain a greater understanding and be able to better translate the information necessary to my clients and beyond.

The success of this approach speaks for itself and I have seen my clients step up to the plate, and accomplish more than ever and to know that I am conduit and guide in their process and I get to be a part of their lives and their journey is an honor.

For this and many reasons my goals continue to be bigger than me and reach out to my community and beyond. I am working to make a bigger impact on a larger level. I am want to do more philanthropic work and more to serve the world community. I feel that I have a social responsibility beyond how fast I can run or how much I can lift. That does not mean I will not be out attempting to progress and get the best out of myself because I feel this is important. However, the way I go about it may be unique and different and something that others may question, etc. and that is what makes us all so unique. We have a way, and our way is exactly that and I hope my way does what I set out to do everyday, leave a positive impact on the lives I touch that is bigger than me. For all intent and purpose for those whom I serve it is about them and I humbly accept the role of serving them and the rewards are usually 10 fold.

Peace be with you on your way!

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