Friday, May 02, 2008

Big Bells and Yoga

Today was the first time since I have returned from costa rica that I picked up the 40kg, it just felt like the day.

Military Press

Really solid effort and movement.

90 minutes with Connie at Yoga is Youthfulness. What I love about Connie is she comes from love and heart, no ego. She is a great yogi and a wonderful guide during class. Her wisdom and practice shines through in her classes and I truly appreciate her. Plus, she challenges you to really explore yourself in each Asana all while staying focused on your breath and the message she shares on that particular day, no attachments. Lets just say I was feeling it today and she provided just what I needed. Awesome class.

Off to my second weekend of my Transformational Life Coaching Program at Today is a open and optional lab with our instructors and I am eager to see what this consists of. The weekend focus is relationship coaching which is so important and I know will make me a better person and coach.

Enjoy and more yoga and workout tomorrow plus a 8 hour coaching class day

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