Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Snatches and Ashtanga Yoga

A beautiful Monday and nice opening to the week

Afternoon at the park with my friend Barry

A nice pick up after last weeks 32kg sessions. The hands are a bit tender but overall this was a wonderful and powerful Snatch session. I love the way I have found such a nice groove with this move, after 3 years + of consistent practice I am finding a stronger groove finally :-) or at least that is how it feels now.

Evening Ashtanga Yoga Class

Worked with Mojdeh at Yoga is Youthfulness. This was the first Ashtanga Class that I can say I have been to in a few years. I love the system, I love the approach and it takes a tremendous amount of mindfulness to hold the poses. For those who want a workout this is indeed a workout. We focused on the primary series which involves forward bends, wide leg forward bends, warrior poses, 1 leg balancing poses, seated forward bends, binds or wraps, and vinyasas and of course my favorite, Shavasana. Awesome class, I slept like a baby and yet felt so invigorated.

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