Thursday, May 08, 2008


Imagine yourself standing tall, being still as a hurricane of forces surround you. Watch as all these forces, things pass you and as the storm passes and the calming forces come you are still standing tall, standing in the same place stronger than ever because you have withstood the test. See yourself standing there arms spread out, hands facing the sky, head back looking to the heavens, smelling the freshness of the air, feeling the wind beneath your wings, peaceful and gracious for the courage to stand strong while facing the challenges of life. See how your strength inspires others to face their fears, worries, anxieties, & the challenges of daily. As you imagine this all taking place enjoy the top of the mountain knowing your strength of character carried you through and past all the obstacles on your path and you now stand peacefully on top of the your world. Enjoy the view, feel the strength and freedom of standing tall, standing still on top of the mountain.

My Reflection:
This is one of the visualizations I use on a regularly basis to keep myself grounded and free of my ego and attachments to outcomes. I feel that if I live honestly, truthfully, with integrity, compassion, a peaceful and calm presence, a sense of humor and humilty, a gratitude for all things, seeing the perfection of the moment, the perfection in the imperfection, carrying love and kindness and sharing a smile with all, practicing acts of kindness and coming from 'my' truth then all will work it out as it is supposed too. This has been my experience as I have learned to let go and allow. I guide myself to the best of my abilities with the wisdom I carry and that which I learn from the experience of living and being ALIVE each and everyday. Listen, observe, open, feel and see then just let it go and trust and have faith, this has been an approach I have applied and things speak for themselves.

I take this as an opportunity to share with you because my experiences of carrying this attitude and perspective have been the most rewarding for me and all those whom I provide service too. The splendor of this experience brings more and more as in giving I keep receiving and then in turn sharing.

I wish you only but the best and hope that my sharing of my experiences helps you in some way on your way.

With Peace & Gratitude

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