Saturday, May 10, 2008

KBs and Tennis & Basketball

Always a great day when you get to teach a friend something new and that is something you have a passion for. Todd came down to hang out last night and today we went and did a Kettlebell workout. To no surprise he is a natural and we had him doing swings, snatches, cleans, squats and presses. Just awesome

My workout

Chin Up

Todds turn, he took me out to play one of his passions, Tennis. Thank goodness for athletic ability otherwise this would be much more challenging. And we played some hoops which is great since I truly love the sport especially when playing.

All in all quite an athletic day and it feels just amazing to be alive and utilizing my abilities to the fullest.


Todd Gilchrist said...

Joe –

Thanks again to you and Mia for the hospitality, generosity, and all around great weekend. I am feeling the positive effects of the Kettlebell workout. Thanks so much for taking the time to teach me a thing or two about the world of Kettlebells. It was awesome to learn from you.

It was great to catch up with you and share some thoughts. I am looking forward to more conversations, and perhaps some mountain biking in the near future.

Take care buddy!

Joe Sarti said...

Thanks TG, we had a fantastic time and it is wonderful to spend time with such a beautiful person as yourself. thank you for taking the time to enlighten us with your wisdom. Look forward to more bells, bikes, and great conversations.