Thursday, May 29, 2008

Workouts for the week...thus far

Had a nice 4 day mini vacation in Mt Shasta. Did no workouts, partly because I planned on being outdoors but low 40's and rain put a damper on the activities. However,did get in yoga and 27 holes of Golf with my pops which was our plan, to play golf and help him with his flexibility and home yoga practice. First time since last August and I was pleased with my play, even had a 300+ yard drive that landed in the fairway :-)

So here is the workouts from Tuesday till Thursday

30 Minutes of a gentle yoga on Tuesday
45 Minutes of Iyengar
30 Minutes of Iyengar

Kettlebells and Bodyweight
Snatch and Press combo 32/5/5x5
Ring Pull-ups 8x3
2 kb TGU 16/4x4
2 kb Snatch 16/20x5
More to come but felt good to back off a bit for a few days

Mountain Bike
45 minutes

I am surprised (mildly) at my strength endurance on the bike. I have been quite inconsistent over the last few years but I am ready to get back into riding at least a couple days a week. Since my plan fell apart in Mt Shasta, this was my first ride this week and felt pretty good. Skills are rust and bike needs a good tune-up but I am excited to ride more. I hope that I can get 1 to 2 hour or so rides a week and a good weekend ride but it is summer and I often am all around on the weekends.

Another KB day tomorrow with some heavy squat thrusters and pull-ups


yumi said...

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Carl Sipes said...

I like to see the golf getting played. A drive over 300 that stays straight is crushed and playable! Nice work!

Joe Sarti said...

And lucky ;-). Felt good my friend that is for sure. I am prepping for my first snatch of the Beast. Next week I am going to attempt the Beast and of course continue the pressing.

I hope to get at least 9 in this weekend just for practice.

Joe Sarti said...

こんにちは Yumi,

Certainly, I will add your link to mine. thank you for the introduction.