Sunday, January 27, 2008


The Way of the Champion, Sun Tzu's Art of War, Tao Wisdom and the philosophies behind being and achieving greatness. This book by Jerry Lynch is one of the most powerful and simple and easy books to comprehend and implement into everyday life and sport.

Why do I bring this up? One day walking through the bookstore this book caught my eye and in that moment I knew I had to purchase it. I thought it would be great for me, the athletes I was coaching at that time and clients. Little did I know how my intuition would serve me.

Today I was reading the chapter titled Lessons of Champion Virtues. As I got to the virtue of Belief I realized that the feelings I was describing in my post on Friday are these exact feelings.

"While one may lack belief in one's power to control results, belief in one's triumph is essential when triumph is defined as one's willingness to do all that's possible to discover personal greatness."

This portion got me to thinking about the power of the journey to personal greatness and all that you discover along the way and the truth is how it is essential to go to whatever lengths you deem necessary to achieve your dreams and goals no matter the results.

Dr Lynch goes on to say;
"Believe in yourself. Know that you have accomplished a great deal. You have skills, strategies, and enough talent to perform well. Simply show up at your event and BELIEVE that you can demonstrate your current level of fitness. Believe that you are in a position where the best will happen. Expect to have fun and enjoy the process. Believe you will be better because of the experience."

Wow! This is how I feel. My persistence (another of the virtues) and hard work have lead to my achievement and excellence. I am referring to my daily achievement and excellence which I am only truly beginning to have the true compassion (another virtue) and courage (virtue) to utilize in my daily life.

This evolution, this awareness, these lessons and opportunities that exist and I create daily are so enriching and the true reward of life and the experience. How grateful and thankful I am to have and be on the path I currently walk. I am humbled to have some many wonderful teachers such as Dr. Lynch and all the others I have and have yet to encounter for all the wisdom they so openly share and encourage me and others whom they cross paths with to do.

I am honored to be able to share these gifts, experiences, insights, wisdom, opinions, feelings, etc. with my community to enhance and enrich the experience that we call life. I look forward to learning from all of you whom take time to read my blog, speak with me, train with me, work with me and together I believe in the power of the community and what we can do to make this life and this world a wonderful place to live for all mankind, nature, animals, etc.

Peace & Gratitude


Franz Snideman said...

Nice post brother!


Joe Sarti said...

Thanks you Brother. Hope this messages find you all doing Superb