Friday, January 25, 2008

Pistol & Snatch

Focused, Concentrated, Intented effort. These are key factors in performance training. Feel refreshed and motivated today. I am stoked to be where I am and knowing that my focus, my consistent effort and dedication are paying off in so, so many ways. And, in 21 days I get to prove to myself on the platform what it means to set a goal, plan, prepare and achieve. That feels damn good.

The key for me is not the accomplishment of the goal but how I endured and managed myself through the journey and the fact that I was able to get to the point where I had the chance to achieve the goal. That means that I followed through and practiced what I preached. This brings a sense of peace, a calming to my being. I can then take this wisdom and share with others and help others along their journey to their goal.

I am honored and cherish the fact that I am in a position to contribute and share with others on their journey to health and wellness. This is an empowering feeling and it further enhances the peace and well-being that I contain in my mind, body, and spirit.

I believe I have a powerful and influencial (if allowed) role in the lives of those I encounter. Therefore I believe it my duty to be the best I can be and live the most honorable life possible.


Key Points
*It all starts from the ground up. Make sure to actively involve your feet pressing down on all four corners.
*crush the bell in your hands and with your arms/elbows in your rib cage
*Push it out, your abs that is creating tension.
*Lean in too it as you. Laws of physics and counterbalance.

Snatch (week 3)

So here is the goal. 5 sets of 5 reps/arm for a total of 25 reps/arm. From here my goal will be to get up in total reps in a workout and what that number represents is hard to tell at this point (in my training mind I feel 50/50/arm in a workday)...first things first.

Heavy Abs
Bosu Ball 32/10 (on chest)x1
Bosu Ball 20/10x2 (behind head).
Bosu Ball 20/6/6x2 (rotation)

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