Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today was the day to test my strength, here is how it went



Yes! that is the way you train and prepare, to go out test it and do it! Feel really great after this. Hard, by all means but do able. Really focused on being Mindful in my effort, preparing the body and mind for the move and truly flowing with the motion...successsful practice.

Snatch (back off week)

However, this week I choose to back off the volume but increase the weight. I need to start to handle the 40 in my Snatch training, this will make the 32 feel easier. I plan a 3 week cycle of progressive training with the 40 after a strong 3 week cycle with the 32.

Let me just say that snatching the 40 is a whole new level of challenge. The respect and admiration i have for those who use this as a toy and those who rep out the 48kg. That is a big piece of mass moving through a large range of space at rapid speeds picking up more and more inertia and wanting to pull, push, throw the body all over....gotta love it, makes me smile :-)

The power and strength lies in the mind and the ability to focus thoughts, energy and effort in the direction of your intention at that specific moment. When in movement I hear, see nothing unless Rif is around then I allow his voice to enter my space. This is where combined with a proper training/program design that I feel the true strength and ability come from. It is the things people cannot see, touch, feel that can and many times do a make a difference with the intended outcome/experience.

additional work


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Mark Reifkind said...

nice going on the pistols and the snatch. you are going to crush this challenge in Feb!see you tomorrow.