Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bench Press & Yoga

Week 3 of my bench press cycle. Today I increased my weight and decreased the reps here is how it went



Last week I did 225 for 5 triples. I felt strong with this weight and good form but along way to go yet. I am making progress and after the Feb RKC I will try to work with Rif again on my technique.

Assistance Work

Rolling Tricep Extensions (Dicks) DB

Bicep Curl DB

Evening Training

30 minutes of Yoga


Brett Jones said...

Looks good Joe - good squat observations - Squats do make you feel strong!
I also need to get my yoga practice back up and "running".

Joe Sarti said...

thank you Brett. I know the Yoga is not the best for maximal squats, powerlifts but it is for many in so many ways an integral aspect of my being.

PS Squats are addictive. I wonder if I will be saying this when I have 400+ consistently on make back ;-)
Look forward to that day.

I hope you find time for some yoga.

I focus on 30 minutes and addressing my areas of issue, using the Free ITunes downloads. As it is often difficult to set aside an hour to hour and half at a studio. This strategy has proven to work for me. Hope this feedback helps you in your quest

Peace and Gratitude

Mark Reifkind said...

joe you really are figuring this out very nicely. great bench work. but I disagree, I think yoga IS good for your squat;especially in the long run.I dont think you are in any danger of getting TOO loose.

Joe Sarti said...

Let me say hearing that from my coach is very important. I really want to continue both facets of my training for personal and professional reasons.

thank you Rif for the kind words